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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 22, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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of the inland locations and as we look ahead we don't see the high temperatures return until thursday. >> pelley: tonight, the jury speaks. there is a verdict in the trial of the highest-ranking catholic church official charged with covering up sex abuse. >> what happened here was unspeakable. >> pelley: elaine quijano reports. tens of thousands pour into the heart of cairo who will be the next president of egypt. charlie d'agata is with the protestors. bob orr on an astounding new technology for police. scanning for criminals-- hundreds a minute-- but does it violate your privacy. >> some people think this is a little creepy. >> pelley: and steve hartman on the road chasing down a highway hero. >> this is way better than a.a.a.! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. for the first time a senior member of the catholic church in the united states has been convicted of concealing sexual abuse of children by pedophile priests. 61-year-old monsignor william lynn was the secretary for clergy at the archdiocese of philadelphia which has 1.5 million members. lynn was found guilty on one count of child endangerment. he was found not guilty on a separate child endangerment charge and not guilty on a conspiracy charge. the jury came back this afternoon after 13 days of deliberations. elaine quijano is at the courthouse tonight. elaine? >> reporter: scott, monsignor william lynn kept his head down and his eyes lowered as the jury returned its verdict behind him. behind him, family members went. philadelphia district attorney
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seth williams said the verdict sent a clear message: anyone who protects pedophiles will be held accountable. >> what happened here was unspeakable. people knew that these were predators who were much more concerned with the institution than the victims of sexual assault. >> reporter: for 12 years, monsignor william lynn was responsible for investigating child sex abuse accusations against priests in philadelphia and recommending priests' assignments. prosecutors said lynn protected pedophile priests when he transferred them from parish to parish where they victimized other children. lynn denied those allegations. he testified he was powerless to act without the approval from church superiors-- including the late cardinal anthony bevilacqua. the lead prosecutor asked lynn "did you or anybody you were associated with or participate with ever lie to parishioners about a priest going off into the sunset?" "the cardinal wouldn't allow us to announce in those days why someone was leaving" lynn replied. prosecutors also grilled lynn
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about the secret list he compiled in 1994 of 35 priests suspected of child sex abuse, including three diagnosed pedophiles. a copy of the list was found in a safe in the archdiocese headquarters. in court, the assistant district attorney asked "how many times in your 12 years did you pick up the phone and call police? how many times?" "none," lynn said. today's verdict in the lynn case was the climax of a ten-year investigation of sex abuse by priests in philadelphia but lynn's attorney, jeff lindy says his client is a scapegoat. >> they had a body there and the body was monsignor lynn and he took the conviction. >> reporter: advocates for victims of clergy sex abuse say monsignor lynn's case could be a model for other investigations and prosecutions. and, scott, later this year in kansas city bishop robert finn will go on trial for not alerting police about alleged child sex abuse by a priest under his supervision.
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>> pelley: thanks, elaine. monsignor lynn faces three and a half to seven years in prison e. a co-defendant, father james ben unanimous, was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy but the jury deadlocked and a mistrial was declared in his case. in another pennsylvania courthouse, the jury in the jerry sandusky trial deliberated for a second date. jerry sandusky is charged with sexually abusing ten boys. today the jury asked to rehear the testimony of mike mcquery, another former coach who claims that he saw sandusky attack one of the boys. the deliberations continue. in the presidential campaign, president obama. flew to florida to address the leading organization of latino public officials. yesterday we showed you what mitt romney said to that group. hispanics are critical to swrik in this election and';zo a poll shows right now they support the president 66% to 24%.
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dean reynolds was with the president today. >> que placer estar aqui con tantos amigos. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: mr. obama said what a pleasure it was to be with all his friends and from the response you could see why. in his remarks, the president never mentioned mitt romney by name but emphasized their different approach on an issue of great interest to the audience of latino elected officials. >> in a speech he said that when he makes a promise to you, he'll keep it. well he has promised to veto the dream act and we should take him at his word. >> reporter: the dream act is a proposal to give children of illegal immigrants a path to legal status in the this country. last week, the president authorized a temporary solution that's similar. he announced 800,000 illegal immigrants who came here as children would no longer face the threat of deportation. >> providing these young people with the opportunity for a temporary grant the right thing to do?
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i think it was. we should have passed the dream act a long time ago. the bill hadn't changed. the need hadn't changed. the only thing that had changed was politics. >> reporter: the bill once had bipartisan backing in congress but republicans have mostly turned against it. >> i said time and again, "send me the dream act and i will sign it right away." my door's been open for three and a half years. they know where to find me. >> reporter: but it's also been four years since mr. obama-- who has deported more illegal immigrants than any president in history-- made this promise to this same group. >> we also need reform that finally brings the 12 million people who are here illegally out of the shadows. that's a priority that i will pursue from my very first day. >> it's an honor. >> reporter: as romney pointed out yesterday many other initiatives-- to cash for clunkers and financial bailouts- - took precedence until the
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president took action last week, less than five months before the general election. now, his opponents may question his motives, but the deed is done, scott, and judging from the reaction here, the president's move has solidified his support from a key voting block. >> pelley: thank you, dean. mitt romney is in park city, utah, tonight, hosting a weekend retreat for about 500 of his top campaign donors. we wondered what's behind this gathering and that's a question for john dickerson. john, fill us in. >> reporter: this is a time for mitt romney to say thank you to his benefactors, there will be strategy sessions, question time with the candidate, and, of course, golf. insiders will leave with anecdotes about sharing time with romney that makes them feel good but also that makes it easier for them to raise money
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from their friends. in addition to rove, as you mentioned, and budget chairman paul ryan, virginia governor bob mcdonald will be there. by inviting these politicians romney has given them access to a very select group that might fund their future campaigns and enterprises. in gratitude, these g.o.p. public figures will be extra committed for the rest of the campaign. >> pelley: john, the money in this race is astounding. with all of these donors to mitt romney, the president, the part the super pacs, how much money much money is likely to be spent on the presidential election? >> according to the center for responsive politics in 2008 the whole group you mentioned, candidates, political parties and outside groups, they raised about $1.9 billion. the center estimates for this campaign that total spend willing range anywhere from $2.5 billion to well over $3 billion depending on contributions from those super pacs, those non- affiliated organizations funded by unlimited donations. so far in this campaign, scott, $700 million has been raised.
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>> pelley: john, thanks very much. they can't figure out who the president is in egypt, either. in egypt this evening we are seeing the biggest protests since last year when president hosni mubarak was forced out of office. this is the scene in cairo's tahrir square. tens of thousands have gathered and the tension is rising. egyptians held their first free presidential election last weekend but no winner has been announced yet. charlie d'agata is there tonight >> reporter: all day, thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood poured into this square, despite the searing 100 degree heat. banned under the mubarak regime, the brotherhood believe their man, candidate mohammed morsi, won the election last week. they turned out in force to send a message to the ruling generals. >> we will not leave this place until we achieve what we want. until we achieve our freedom. >> reporter: the ballots from last weekend's vote have been
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tallied and the winner should have been announced yesterday. instead, egypt's election commission said it needs time to investigate charges of fraud from both sides. that has brotherhood supporters in the square worried ruling generals are working behind the scenes to make sure their party doesn't win. just last week, the supreme court dissolved the parliament where the muslim brotherhood held the majority. today morsi urged the military to release the election results as soon as possible. and he strongly criticized the military's recent decree that stripped the presidency of much of its power. morsi's opponent, ahmed shafiq, has also claimed victory. shafiq is a former air force general, mubarak's last prime minister. this protest has the look of last year's occupation of tahrir square when hosni mubarak was forced from office after an 18- day revolution. the military warned protesters it would respond with the utmost firmness if anyone threatened the interest of the state. the protesters didn't seem
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intimidated. >> they can fight, they can kill us. but we will not leave this place. never. >> pelley: here's charlie d'agata above tahrir square in cairo. charlie, i wonder, is there any word on when they're going to announce who the new president is? >> well, the election commission has given itself a sunday deadline to announce these results but as we've seen these deadlines come and go. until that moment, cairo remains on the edge and what i can tell you, scott, is if the former prime minister ahmed shafiq is declared a winner, this square is going to erupt in anger because they're convinced their candidate has won and any other result could only happen if the election was rigged. >> pelley: we'll be watching. charlie, thank you. pentagon correspondent david martin has confirmed this evening that syria shot down a turkish jet fighter over the mediterranean sea today. turkey, which borders syria, has been one of the countries
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demanding that the syrian dictator, bashar al-assad, step down. assad has been trying to crush a year-long uprising in his country. syria says the turkish plane strayed into its territory. the incident raises the possibility that the syrian war could spread beyond its borders. in afghanistan, taliban fighters attacked a popular hotel near the capital overnight. the attackers took dozens of hostages and killed at least 18 people, most of them civilians. this morning afghan security forces backed by nato helicopters retook the hotel killing all seven attackers and freeing at least 35 hostages. in chicago they're battling a surge of shootings. police have a new high-tech surveillance tool for catching criminals, but does it violate your privacy? and a rescue on mount rainier turns deadly when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >> pelley: we've been following the surge of gun violence in chicago and this was the scene at one shooting overnight, apparently gang related. there were at least five shootings throughout chicago last night. there have been at least 967 shooting incidents so far this year and that is nearly 100 more than they were there time last year. police officers across the country have an amazing new surveillance technology that you
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may not have heard of but chances are you'll run across it soon enough. bob orr shows us how it works. >> reporter: on maryland highway 200, officer yancy anthony patrols with two extra sets of eyes. cameras mounted on his cruiser's trunk scan and photograph the license tags of passing cars. sounding alarms when possible violators are spotted. >> here's another one. >> reporter: the license readers instantly check plates and the names of vehicle owners against registration records, fugitive warrants and criminal databases, giving police critical information. >> i can hit the red button, i can look to in. >> reporter: in this case, the camera alerted officer anthony to a silver toyota. >> i wanted to stop you because your tags have coming back suspended. >> reporter: license readers can scan 1,800 plates a minute on cars going as fast as 150 miles an hour. what's amazing is this is reading every tag that goes by? >> every tag that goes by it
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will read. so every single vehicle you have a pretty instantaneous idea whether that there might be some violation. >> correct. >> reporter: the data are also funneled to maryland's intelligence center which connects and monitors 367 license plate readers around the state. assistant u.s. attorney harvey eisenberg oversees the network. >> say we want to find a homicide suspect, a rape suspect whatever, you put that into the systems, that's a vehicle you want to pay attention to. >> reporter: the officers on the street are getting information about the potential location almost in realtime. >> they are. someone is out there with a weapon who is a homicide suspect and known to be armed you're going to want to approach that vehicle if you're a trooper. >> reporter: eisenberg says the readers have helped capture dangerous fugitives, but they're also used beyond the freeways. during president obama's inauguration, the cameras helped scan for tags of specific vehicles connected to possible threats. and some 500 readers on the u.s. border feed data into terror
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watch lists. tax departments use them as well. arlington, virginia, relies on scanners to locate the cars of delinquent taxpayers. for the worst offenders, officials remove the tags. full privacy advocates complain the cameras allow governments to track people's travels, but eisenberg says for law enforcement the scanners are critical. you have to understand, some people think this is a little creepy. >> we have nothing to hide. this is simply law enforcement trying to do its job within the law. >> reporter: new hampshire so far is the only state to ban license plate readers. in maryland, authorities are looking to expand the program. bob orr, cbs news, rockville, maryland. >> pelley: a painting worth six figures is lifted from a gallery. that story's ahead. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's
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>> pelley: in washington state it could take days to recover the body of a park ranger on mount rainier. nick hall slid 3,000 feet to his death yesterday while trying to save four climbers stranded near the summit. three of them were rescued by helicopter. the fourth began climbing down today. police are hunting for a thief who stole a painting by salvador dali from a new york art gallery. it's valued at $150,000. a security camera caught a man in a black-and-white checked shirt as he walked out of the gallery with the painting on
5:52 pm
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5:56 pm
of kindness. >> there's too much anger and distrust and fear out there. i'd like the world to be a better place. >> reporter: for that matter, as we first told you three years ago, tom has been patrolling highways of san diego in a ghostbuster-inspired rescue vehicle. rescuing people like mr. frazzled and ms. frustrated here. the couple was overheated-- as was their car. >> don't look good. >> not good! >> reporter: fortunately, this was their lucky day. >> you fix the car? >> reporter: a mechanic by trade tom is prepared for just about any roadside emergency. >> this is way better than a.a.a.! >> reporter: he helped this couple first find their spare tire... >> i never would have figured it out. >> reporter: then change it. of course, eventually people always ask him why are you doing this? to which tom responds without saying a word. >> he gave me a card that says "assisting you has been my pleasure.
5:57 pm
pass on a favor by helping someone in distress that you may encounter." >> reporter: it's the same message tom first heard 40 years ago. >> almost word for word. >> reporter: after he plowed his car into an illinois snowbank. >> and i probably would have froze there if this fellow hadn't stopped and helped me. >> reporter: since then, tom has paid the favor forward more than 5,000 times. of course, on rare occasion some other good samaritan will beat him to the punch. in fact, that happened not long ago and tom actually asked the do-gooder why he stopped to help this particular stranger. >> he said four months ago his wife had a blowout on the freeway and somebody stopped to help her. and he said "by the way, thank you for doing that for my wife." >> reporter: obviously somebody read his card. >> that's my garden growing. >> reporter: your garden growing. >> reporter: unfortunately, after we first told this story tom took a big hit.
5:58 pm
>> one second everything was fine, the next second, boom. >> reporter: tom says someone cut him off and totaled the car. >> and i cannot repair it. i'm having a hard time getting over it. >> reporter: at this point, helping others has become such a part of him he'd surely wither without it. >> anyway... >> reporter: which is why he continues to patrol in his backup vehicle. it's not really suited for the job so he can't help as much. but occasionally he's still able to plant that seed of a good deed. >> what's your trouble, little lady. that's the simplest and easiest thing i do. >> reporter: and with that kindness continues to take root. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: here in the fallow field of the american freeway. steve hartman "on the road" in san diego.
5:59 pm
>> the evening >> out of prison and living in the south bay, cbs five has learned the notorious chocolate kidnapper was paroled to a neighborhood in silicon valley. richard allen showenfeld kidnapped 35 kids and their bus driver 35 years ago and buried them in a rock quarry. len ramirez with reaction from his new neighbors >> some of them are not very excited about that. in media spokesperson for the police department is officially confirmed what we first reported at 5:00, that he has been paroled to this area where he does have family ties. so far he seems to be maintaining a very low profile.


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